Understanding and improving early mathematics learning with five key challenges.

Our research and impact activities are structured around five interlinked challenges. Addressing them will transform the impact on mathematics education:

Challenge 1

1. How do the foundations of mathematics learning emerge in the preschool years?

We are working on developing ground-breaking new methods to study the emergence of key mathematical skills in early years education

Challenge 2

2. What are the causal mechanisms that drive mathematics learning during primary school?

Through rigorous randomised controlled trials (RCTs), we will identify the causal predictors of mathematics achievement.

Challenge 3

3. How do children’s experiences in early educational settings and at home influence their mathematical development?

We are exploring how children’s development is influenced by experiences at home and in educational environments.

Challenge 4

4. How do we design effective educational resources based on an understanding of mathematical learning processes?

We are working with teachers, early years practitioners and families to develop a library of resources to be used at home and in early educational settings.

5. What are the most effective ways to impact educational practice?

CEML will produce effective mechanisms through which educators can learn about research-informed teaching developments and how to put them into practice.